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A year long crypto buying opportunity..!!

There is a hell lot of speculation going on regarding the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies especially in regards to whether it is dead or when it will go to the moon again??

My dear readers. I am writing this very small blog not to give any huge analysis or news which will indicate either a bull or a bear market but to just bring your attention to one very important point which we all are missing in this correction phase and that is "All cryptocurrencies are available at the cheapest possible price "

Don’t we remember those time when we have crypto market reaching 900 Billion Dollars and all the cryptocurrency were available at huge price be it Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin, Bch and we wished if we can go back in time and make a purchase when it was cheap..!!

We are having this opportunity right now and we are hesitant to invest ..Why??

Are we thinking that it will never go up to that level again, Crypto market is dead, there is no positive news or reason to believe it will go up. My dear friends when the market was booming at the end of 2017 there actually never was a logical or fundamental reason for such boom but still, it was booming and now when we are not finding any reason for its turnaround we are not investing!!

This time no analysis no Gyan only request is to forget what analyst are saying, forget what media says and forget every FUD in the market just focus on one thing that sale is going on and its time to buy and wait for the bull run whenever it comes.

Frankly speaking we are here to not miss the biggest opportunity of our lifetime right, anyone who is investing some amount monthly in this down-market is getting everything cheap and there will be time when market will roar up again when these investors will sell and start getting huge profits, now they are not worried about the fact when that will happen they are happy with the fact that now its cheap and they know it will boom again.

So its simple you need to follow these steps and need to take a back seat and relax.

1. Coins are available cheap

2. Don't just HOLD keep buying in small amounts to have an average investment price

3.Ignore speculations, overanalysis and media FUD

4. Wait and watch remaining confident it will go up again.

5. When it happens start selling it in small quantities to get the benefits of all the price levels.

6. An easy way to not doubt what you are doing is correct is to invest what you can afford to lose

7. The final step is to enjoy your life and stop worrying about the future of Bitcoin its here to stay.

For your reference, I have attached a Screenshot of where you can see how much is the cost of cryptocurrencies now compared to its peak value in short how much amount is lost from top ten cryptocurrencies from their peak value in 2017. take this as a reference and start investing.

Good luck


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