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Can Imran Khan Create History again in Pakistan..!!

“We are going to run the country like it’s never been run before,”

This was the statement made by Pakistans New Prime minister who is not an unfamiliar name in the world of sports. He was Winning teams captain of the Cricket world cup 1992 which made Pakistan the owner of World cup for the first time in the history..!!

It was a victory for Pakistan in the world of Sports 26 years ago. Now Imran Khan is Captain of Winning team in Politics for his party "Thereek-e-Insaaf "and he is the new Prime minister of the Only Nuclear Power Islamic state.

Whats Next??

Achieving victory in the election is one thing but achieving victory against problems faced by a country is a totally different ball game. Pakistan is currently going through a very critical time and after taking charge of the state people are expecting miracles from him.

On papers taking macro view ,it seems like Pakistan is a powerful state but in reality, it is a very week state when it comes to financial stability. At present Pakistan has only 15.9 billion Dollars of Forex left which is sufficient only for 15 weeks.90 Billion Dollars debt is there which does not seems to be getting cleared anytime soon. Pakistans Currency is at its all-time low against Dollar 128 Rs for 1$.

Let's go little deeper Electricity situation in Pakistan is alarming, over 140 Million citizens do not have access to electricity and up to 12 hrs of Load shedding is common in Pakistan. Pakistans 70% Power is dependent on coal which is neither cheep nor ecofriendly at this stage.There is Average shrotage of 4000 Megawatt of elecftricity every year.

Household bears the brunt of discomfort and Commercial entities have to face it in terms of larger cost of production as they have to invest in energy saving equipment which ultimately makes them uncompetitive. Menas Pakistan needs a quick solution to this problem. Well talking about electricity makes sense but what about the situation of water crises??

It's Huge..!!!

According to IMF Pakistan ranks Third among countries facing acute water shortage. It is predicted that by the year 2040 Pakistan will be the most water-stressed country in the region. In the year 2009 per capita water availability per household was 1500 cubic meters and now it is 1017 cubic meters which are just marginally above the scarcity threshold of 1000 Cubic meters.

Pakistan receives around 145 Million acre feet of water per year but able to save meagre 13.7 million acre-feet. Its conflict with India can also create a situation of water shortage as India is creating dam over Jhelum river as his argument lies in the fact that Pakistan is incapable of saving priceless water and it gets wasted.

There are many challenges for Imran in the area of Health, education and safety of their citizens.

If we take our focus out of core issues Pakistan still has issues like terrorism.

It's unbelievable that Hafiz Saed who is Internationally a most wanted Terrorist against whom Bounty of 10 million is announced by the US has formed a political party and has contested for elections as well..!! However, people of Pakistan have shown that they are not with them as he was unable to get even one seat in the 2018 elections but this very well shows Pakistans Leadership nexus with Terrorism. Dissolving this nexus will be a mammoth task for him.

In my opinion, If Imran Khan is able to deliver even 50% of what he is expected I can say that Pakistan will receive their best Prime minister since its inception..!!

I am Cricket Fan and was happy to see Imran becoming PM of Pakistan.


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