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Gold's past seems to be Bitcoin's future..!!

In the year 1970 US Dollar was unsealed from Gold backed the nation result was a massive increase in gold price from 20-25$ to 500-600$ and Ounce but then it consolidated and price correction occurred and it stabilized at around 300$

Year was 2013 when another remarkable incident occurred. Rothschild's and Deutsche Bank introduced Gold Backed ETF and the price of the Gold skyrocketed from 300 to 1300$.This is anywhere around 300% growth which has happened after introduction of ETF.

This happened in timeline of 20 years.

Now lets talk about Bitcoin.

The year was 2017 when bitcoin Futures was introduced and the price of Bitcoin which was hovering around 7000-10000 $ Skyrocketed to 20000$.That was the strongest bull run experienced by Bitcoin till date and then it became bearish and is now in the range of 6000-7000$ range and guess what Bitcoin ETF is in the corner.

Now many say that what happened to Gold took it 20+ years how can it be compared to Bitcoin.

The fact is that in crypto space time dilution happens. Anything and everything with Cryptocurrencies are extremely fast compared to other asset class.

If by Gods Grace Bitcoin ETF is approved and bitcoin shows 300% increase as it happened in the case of Gold it will not be happening in the course of 20 years but I am confident this will happen in the course of 5-6 months only.

So guys its time to get ready to take positions not in the battlefield but in the market as we might be standing at the greatest opportunity of the year..!!


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