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History's Biggest sale is On..!!

Forget Amazon, forget eBay, forget even Flipkart because even the best of the marketing genius cant come up with such sale which is going on right now in Cryptocurrencies Market.

Some of the Biggest and most valued Cryptocurrencies are available for purchase at Rock bottom price.Bitcoin which was trading at USD 19528 is now available at 8949 USD which means flat Discount of  55%.Similar is the case of other top cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Lite coin Ripple etc.

See the sale board below for better understanding.

I can very well understand that many will think that I am trying to avoid the real picture and diverting attention from the real situation of the market which is going through a correction phase.Well, the fact is that A market which is frequently subjected to Bear and Bulls are not a place where A corrections should be sought for.Right Now everywhere there is negative news about Cryptocurrency but there is no direct news which is exactly telling anything about banning or destroying the cryptomarket.Its the interpretation of this news which is been used by smart players to create a situation where people are doing the panic selling.When there are sellers there are buyers also who are purchasing it.

Smart buyers are using this opportunity in their favor by buying the coins at this price. Unsmart investors are selling their coins which are already brought on higher price in order to reduce their losses.

So the idea is to become the Smart investor from the unsmart investor and do not forget to participate in this sale of the lifetime.

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