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Beware Banks and NBFC's here comes the Bitcoin.. !!!

Satoshi Nakamoto has done it. He made a hole in the system regulated by government and wealthy from centuries.World is not going to remain the same again. Bitcoin is the digital Robinhood of our era and is about to give power back to the individual in times to come. 

Bitcoin is not an invention but its a beginning of a new era an era which will mark an end to centralized authority and power system.This is a wakeup call for every one who are masters of our current financial system, Soon your skills and knowledge will only remain relevant for those who are not having access to the digital world of Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin has turned the table and mind it every government, every powerful business owner or any one who is in capacity to give direction to the world economy will start facing the heat very soon. This statement may seems to be too ambitious now but what has not happened in history of financial systems since centuries is in the verge of happening. 

Government of many countries has realized it and has started taking action to stop this from happening. 

Take for example China it has announced complete ban on ICO'c and Cryptocurrency trading. Similarly government of Korea is also in the mood to regulate it. Many countries like India have issued warnings against Cryptocurrency. This reminds me of one of my subjects in my MBA days called "change management" where we learnt  that every change will be resisted by people who are comforted with exiting system but change is evident it can be resisted but cannot be stopped. 

I remember the lines of famous poet Victor Hugo who once said that "nothing is more powerful than and idea whose time has come". 

How luckey we Millennials are,we have witnessed both information revolution and money revolution in our lifetime. Internet has made available information to common man right in his hands which were only restricted to very exclusive people throughout the history and its now resulting in decentralization of authority of money.

Every institution who is controlling, guiding, faciliting and directing movement of money  they must realize that till the time they will understand what has happend, this movement will be so big that it will even topple government's who will try to put barriers. Once people have tasted the power of having control of their own money they will not move back no matter what happens.Our democratic framework will abolished anything coming in their way cos it of the people,for the people and by the people.

There are Blockchain projects which within 3-4 years will start making impact and atleast in developed economies heat will be felt by traditional banking system. 

We dont know where the future will turn but one thing is for sure that what is currently working great will not remain great in future. 

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