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Are we going nuts or we are going IOTA?

IOTA is new formula one of this Crypto world.We have witnessed rally in Bitcoin,  Litecoin and Ethereum but now its time for IOTA. 

Since when IOTA has announced its partnership with Microsoft and Samsung  it has moved up like rocket moving towards moon. More than 3 billion dollars of market value is added and now it is currently having market cap of 12 Billion dollars which makes it second most traded cryptocurrency after bitcoin and 

Fourth biggest cryptocurrency by market cap just after Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin cash.

IOTA has recived more than 70% gain in last 24 hours and the trend is continuing. 

One day market moment is from around 2.5 $ to 4.3$. Which is nothing but phenomenal. 

One week back only it was trading in the range of a dollar so within a week it has grown 4 times. 

If we talk about its trending price a month back it was trading in the range of 0.2-0.5$. 

A phenomenal gain of around 10 times is achived for anyone who has invested in it a month back. 

As per market analysts IOTA is a sleeping giant. It has resolved some of the major issues of blockchain that is Fees, Scalling problem and Centralization. It has also built up real world project and tied up with top companies. 

One more major reason for such rally is IOTA's entry in China and Korea. Where there is huge market for them. 

Anyone expecting some real profit in long term should not avoid this sleeping giant.

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