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Why Investing in Cryptocurrencies is worth..!!

Five points will be enough to convince even the most skeptical individual who is looking to invest in Cryptocurrencies.

1. Technology is fool proof. 2. It is decentralised in nature. 3. We are moving towards cashless economy is a fact. 4. They have real-world usage. 5. They have given returns which were never witnessed in the history of mankind.

When I say technology is fool proof, I mean that it cannot be manipulated.It's fact that blockchain technology which is the technology behind Cryptocurrencies are such that it cannot be tampered with.In short, any hacker or any individual who is trying to manipulate the system will always fail due to the complexity of manipulating the system will not make it feasible for them to do that both technologically and financially.

Its decentralised in nature and there is no single government body or any authority or any Banks who are regulating them. That's the reason Authoritarian Governments like China has banned ICO's (Initial coin offerings-New cryptocurrency offerings) as they have realised that this is something beyond their control and has to be regulated.This ban seems to be temporary as China is the key player in Cryptocurrency market chances are that Chinese government will not let go this opportunity for their citizens and for themselves and will open up market shortly. Back to the point benefit of having the decentralised system is that it cannot be manipulated in favour of any Individual, Institution, Government or Bank. Your money will remain yours only until and unless you yourself do not give your both public and private keys to anyone (public and private keys are used in authenticating transactions). We all know how the Great recession started in the USA and then it took the whole world under its clutches.It happened due to vested interest of the top bosses of the renowned banks out which some do not exist now and some have to be bailed out using public money. This kind of situations cannot occur in case of crypto money.

We are moving towards cashless economy is evident everywhere.Most of the developed nations have already moved much of their transaction from fiat money to electronic money using Visa and master cards. In our country itself, Demonetisation has shown us how important it is to have our electronic payment and transaction ecosystem up to date. So the future is in electronic money and the future of electronic money is non-other than Crypto money.

Cryptocurrencies are criticized for having less real-world usage but the fact is that it has a huge potential right now in money remittance market which is currently dominated by companies like the Western Union and Money-gram.There services and charges both are not fantastic in any sense now .if anyone has used their services can tell that it is both costly and time-consuming. If the same transaction is made using Crypto like Dash or lite coin it wouldn't have taken more than 2-3 mins in confirming the transactions and were way cheaper. There are new usages which are identified every day and new currencies are coming up with new projects out which many are sure to change the dynamics of the existing game.

Finally, the most important reason for not missing the train is the huge returns which it has given in just 1-2 years of their existence (except Bitcoin which is there for around 9 years). We currently do not have any traditional investment option who can even match one-tenth of the returns given by Cryptocurrencies.Top ten Crypto's by market cap combined have given returns of more than 30 times in just one and half year. Means every 1 dollar invested is now more than 30 dollars. Is there any investment tool on the market right now which can give this kind of returns??Not even stock market can deliver such huge returns.

So dear readers Do not just sit thinking its a risky business.Remeber it's even risky to walk on a road if you don't know how to walk and manage the risk of walking on a road. Make your self-educated, Get into your research mode and do subscribe to my newsletter as I will be coming up with step by step Crypto investing strategies and methods in my upcoming articles. Wish you Good luck..!! and happy researching.


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