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Why Millennials are far from Success??

This question have given me sleepless night since many days when I started analyzing the behaviors of mine and others who are loosing every 1440 Mins of their life which is been thrown to them.

We are caught in the habit and behaviors which will never going to give us a fulfilled,loving enjoyable and happy life.

We cannot blame it to anyone else other than ourselfs.

I was unable to understand why are we lost?? On dwelling deeper and deeper into this question what I found has truly opend my eyes.I was shocked to learn that i am a part of totally dislocated generation who are searching water in the desert,and life on mars.Worst they are even searching life on earth because the life which they have got is not taken from them but it is camouflaged and the Word digital has done it.

We have a whole generation who are treated very well during their early life,when they are in the learning phase.

We are having a new type of society which does not penalize the faliour, in fear of the their less capacity to withstand such things.We have devalued our achievements by rewarding non achievements of others.

We have created a generation totally incapable of sustaining the reality of real world,in an unprotected environment they have no hope of survival.

We are living in world of Facebook, Instagram and other such things where it seems like we have figured out our life purpose and we are doing great but the fact is that nothing is figured out everything on Social networks are just our best presentations of ourselfs which is not true. 

Worst part is that we grew up believing that. 

Well now because of that we have whole new lot of people who are having less self esteem as they can now compare their life to someone's fake life in some social media.We cannot have a fullfiled generation with low self esteem. 

Going by the technical side of this whole phenomenon is the simmilar to be addictive with any drug or things which give us high like gambling. 

Dopamin is the the same chemical which is released when we do gambling or drugs or intoxication. Thats the reason we get depressed if someone dosent like our post, if someone does not reply us back as we start doubting ourself within a min that if some thing has gone wrong and are we not that cool anymore. 

Mind it! this is not about teenagers who are just growing up, this is about Millennials who are grownup contributing workforce of our society. When these people are doubting themself everynow and then, when they already is having less capacity to handle their failures due to their early childhood growth conditions and when they are not reciprocated with likes and enthusiasm by others in Social media they is no way they can be stopped from having self esteem issues. 

How can an organization or an individual itself can creat a successful enterprise with such conditioning?

There is no way..!!  

We can ban drugs and alcohol but cannot Social media. 

My point is to start believing in real things. We need to get back to the real world. We need to take break from our connections in virtual world to taste the life again. 

So lets take this tag out of our head and lets aspire for life with lots of love,  hope and oppertunity in real world. 

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