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I trust- UTrust  will be our new PayPal.

20 years ago, when e-commerce was just started to get attention worldwide and platforms like eBay was in the process of becoming a giant online retail shop,What was stoping it was the image of online marketplace in the mind of consumers.

During initial days of online shopping customers felt very much insecured while transacting money to an unknown vendor who might be staying in different city or even in a different country. The trust which was there with real physical brick and mortar shop and its owner was missing and this hamperd exponential growth of online webstores until PayPal arrived and the rest is history...!!!

PayPal came up with unique solution to this problem, it allowed both customers and sellers to get registerd with PayPal and all the transactions were done through it only.When a customer purchases something from online webstores he pays money to PayPal and when the product delivery is confirmed and customer is satisfied amount was paid  to the seller. 

During the time of conflicts PayPal becomes the mediator and solves the dispute. 

This was a revolutionary service and this opend up avenues for e-commerce like nothing before. For the first time we had a trust mechanism in place where both buyers and sellers are unknown and are far placed but still can do transactions without exposing them with the risk of scams. 

It was PayPal because of which e-commerce recived such huge boost and it is able to reach a point when traditional shops and markets started  facing survival threats. 

So why is PayPal story is relevant for UTrust?? 

Well it is because UTrust if able to develop itself in coming years it will become  PayPal of Crypto world. 

Utrust is an ambitious project where it is trying to creat a platform better than PayPal by providing trust mechanism along with cryptocurrencies payment adoption possibilities. 

With the help of UTrust customers can pay sellers through any kind of Cryptocurrency they own and sellers will be able to get money in fiet Currencies like Dollars, Pounds, Ruppes etc. 

As we are aware that cryptocurrencies are getting adopted by masses in huge numbers, what stopping them now is the their acceptance among the merchants and the trust factor which is missing. 

Utrust project aims to solve this two major issues by providing Blockchain based solution. Who knows if this becomes as successful as PayPal every penny which is invested in form of ICO crowdfunding will be worth hundreds of Dollars. 

ICO starting from 2nd November 2017 

Its an opportunity not to be missed. If anyone wish for more information can visit below mentioned link. 

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