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Kaun banega Crorepati??

Fastest fingers first challenge can make you crorepati, we all know that but what we do not know is that it can make you millionaire even if you are not sitting in hot seat with Mr. Amitabh bachhan. 

Ever heard of the term ICO?? 

I am sure not many have heard about it, some might even get it confused with the term IPO as I am discussing money over here but its not the same its entirely different thing. Its phenomenon which will become as common as IPO now and we will start discussing about that as well in near future. 

Well ICO is new buzz word in Fintech world where world of finance is entirely dependent on technology based innovation platform.

ICO's are the new crowdfunding method for Blockchain based Fintech startups who are coming up with solutions of existing financial worlds problems. 

Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt our current banking based Financial economy which runs on fiet Currency . Fiet Currency is the money which we use in day to day exchange of goods and services. Value of Fiet money is dependent on government policies and control.

Idea behind Blockchain technology is total decentralization of money from the hands of governments to the hands of common man.

Just imagine the situation when the economy of your country will not dictate the value of the currency which you are holding. Just imagine when sending money from Uganda to Japan will take place in matter of seconds and no exchange is requird. The fact is that this idea in the process of becoming reality. 

We have very talented group of young individuals from every corner of this world creating Blockchain based projects which will be reality within span of 2-3 years and people around the world are believing on them on their projects and its potential to cause massive disruption in current financial ecosystem. These group of people are funded by ICO's

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple all were ICO's at one point of time but now they have become store of value once these projecte's start realizing these people who are having these coins in their wallet will be completing the game of "Kaun banega Crorepati" and mind it there is no IPO, there is no investment in the world which can even come close to such returns on investment and the best part is time horizon will be not more than 5 years. 

So keep you fingers ready to play fastest finger first whenever an ICO is launched. 




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