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Cryptocurrency "Where money is mined"

Year 2008-2009 was one of the darkest time world has seen since the year 1930.Global financial powerhouse was struggling with subprime mortgage crisis which impacted the rest of the world.When people were trying to get hold of their financial situation and governments were trying save their citizens and institution of money from the impact Great Recession has caused,An unknown person or a group of people named as Satoshi nakamoto submitted his white paper called "BIT COIN".Which described about a payment system totally decentralised in nature not in control of the governments and banks and worked on mining of the currency by solving complex mathematical puzzle.Hal finny was the first person who downloaded the software and recorded the first transaction which rewarded him with 10 bitcoins.Now the world will never going to remain same afterwards.Blockchain technology has now came into existence and Bitcoin is the face of the technology.Slowly and steadily it started growing people started using Bitcoins as a payment method and started storing it as its value started increasing.Suddenly in 2015 people started talking about it gathered attention of world media there was something which was moving up in value like a rocket.Never ever in history such monumental gains were observed in just a span of 7-8 years,Bitcoin was rising like a star.

When the world started noticing the value in Bitcoin Blockchain technology was used more and more for solving current world problems like global money remittance,devaluation of national currency like in case of Venezuela and other Financial and technical problem were targeted which resulted in development of crowdfunding projects which promised solution of many problems.These projects released ALTCOINS in return of investment in their project which promised massive gains and now in 2017 this is a phenomenon not to be missed.

Percentage wise returns in this alt coins are huge.

Comparing above given returns which is in the range of 250- 30000% to that of our traditional investment tools which is displayed below.Surely there is no match among them.

The fact is that we are witnessing the starting of a revolution called Cryptocurrency.

Its volatile it's risky but it rewards like anything.It's the right time when have to get our self aware of this thing and start investing in it as more and more governments legalise it more and more money starts flowing the value is bound to move up and it is here to stay.

So we can see out of total money which is present in this world, which institution is having how much.Currently Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in total is accounting for 141 billion $ out of 83.6 Trillion $ of total money present in this world. 3-4 years back it was not even in two digits.Which means in future it will take away share of money from institutions like Gold,Stock market and other traditional investment tools.

Now the bigger question is are we just going to see this happening or will take part in it ???

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