Can Imran Khan Create History again in Pakistan..!!

“We are going to run the country like it’s never been run before,” This was the statement made by Pakistans New Prime minister who is not an unfamiliar name in the world of sports. He was Winning teams captain of the Cricket world cup 1992 which made Pakistan the owner of World cup for the first time in the history..!! It was a victory for Pakistan in the world of Sports 26 years ago. Now Imran Khan is Captain of Winning team in Politics for his party "Thereek-e-Insaaf "and he is the new Prime minister of the Only Nuclear Power Islamic state. Whats Next?? Achieving victory in the election is one thing but achieving victory against problems faced by a country is a totally different ball game.

Gold's past seems to be Bitcoin's future..!!

In the year 1970 US Dollar was unsealed from Gold backed the nation result was a massive increase in gold price from 20-25$ to 500-600$ and Ounce but then it consolidated and price correction occurred and it stabilized at around 300$ Year was 2013 when another remarkable incident occurred. Rothschild's and Deutsche Bank introduced Gold Backed ETF and the price of the Gold skyrocketed from 300 to 1300$.This is anywhere around 300% growth which has happened after introduction of ETF. This happened in timeline of 20 years. Now lets talk about Bitcoin. The year was 2017 when bitcoin Futures was introduced and the price of Bitcoin which was hovering around 7000-10000 $ Skyrocketed to 20000$.That

India's Greatest Fear Bitcoin..!!

So that’s it Game is over Curtains are down RBI's Deadline to remove all the support from Banks in favour of cryptocurrency exchange and transactions is finally reached and nothing can be done about it. Yes many may say that we still have hope and we can still do the transaction in P2P market but common we are talking about volumes of trading and I am sure even my readers will agree that anything can have future only when it is adopted by masses. Banning banks from entering into transactions with Crypto exchange means we are stopping 70-80% of crypto enthusiast and traders to invest in cryptocurrencies. Why ?? Why has the government taken such huge step when many countries are actively tryi


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