For those who are still watching the show..!!

Bitcoin phenomenon has taken the financial world by a storm. The year 2017 is about to end but this year will be known as the year when Cryptocurrency boom has occurred. We have seen lot many things happening this year in crypto space. There were some good news and bad news both but at the end of the year what became certain was that Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. They will become more and more mainstream in coming years and obviously, the financial setup will be disrupted by this new cutting edge technology. So whats there in it. Why must we all bother about it? We have an opportunity. An opportunity of our lifetime. We have seen how the price of bitcoin has soared from 1000$ to 200

Beware Banks and NBFC's here comes the Bitcoin.. !!!

Satoshi Nakamoto has done it. He made a hole in the system regulated by government and wealthy from centuries.World is not going to remain the same again. Bitcoin is the digital Robinhood of our era and is about to give power back to the individual in times to come. Bitcoin is not an invention but its a beginning of a new era an era which will mark an end to centralized authority and power system.This is a wakeup call for every one who are masters of our current financial system, Soon your skills and knowledge will only remain relevant for those who are not having access to the digital world of Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has turned the table and mind it every government, every powerful business

Are we going nuts or we are going IOTA?

IOTA is new formula one of this Crypto world.We have witnessed rally in Bitcoin,  Litecoin and Ethereum but now its time for IOTA. Since when IOTA has announced its partnership with Microsoft and Samsung  it has moved up like rocket moving towards moon. More than 3 billion dollars of market value is added and now it is currently having market cap of 12 Billion dollars which makes it second most traded cryptocurrency after bitcoin and Fourth biggest cryptocurrency by market cap just after Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin cash. IOTA has recived more than 70% gain in last 24 hours and the trend is continuing. One day market moment is from around 2.5 $ to 4.3$. Which is nothing but phenomenal. One


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