Why Investing in Cryptocurrencies is worth..!!

Five points will be enough to convince even the most skeptical individual who is looking to invest in Cryptocurrencies. 1. Technology is fool proof. 2. It is decentralised in nature. 3. We are moving towards cashless economy is a fact. 4. They have real-world usage. 5. They have given returns which were never witnessed in the history of mankind. When I say technology is fool proof, I mean that it cannot be manipulated.It's fact that blockchain technology which is the technology behind Cryptocurrencies are such that it cannot be tampered with.In short, any hacker or any individual who is trying to manipulate the system will always fail due to the complexity of manipulating the system will

Why Millennials are far from Success??

This question have given me sleepless night since many days when I started analyzing the behaviors of mine and others who are loosing every 1440 Mins of their life which is been thrown to them. We are caught in the habit and behaviors which will never going to give us a fulfilled,loving enjoyable and happy life. We cannot blame it to anyone else other than ourselfs. I was unable to understand why are we lost?? On dwelling deeper and deeper into this question what I found has truly opend my eyes.I was shocked to learn that i am a part of totally dislocated generation who are searching water in the desert,and life on mars.Worst they are even searching life on earth because the life which they

”Don’t look for the needle in the haystack. Just buy the haystack!” Crypto20

During the time of Ramayana when Laxman was injured by Rawan,Hanuman was sent to bring Sanjeevani booti as it was the only herb which can revive him. When he reached there he got confused and when he was unable to identify the herb, unable to spend much time in identifying, he decided to bring the whole mountain and he brought it. Well he dint exactly found needle in the haystack and neither he purchased it but he did someting simmilar.We all can do the same and this idea seems to be the best fit in case of Cryptocurrencies. Every month more than 30 new crypto's are getting introduced and there is hardly anyway to identify which ICO can perform better than others, everything is left on specu


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