I trust- UTrust  will be our new PayPal.

20 years ago, when e-commerce was just started to get attention worldwide and platforms like eBay was in the process of becoming a giant online retail shop,What was stoping it was the image of online marketplace in the mind of consumers. During initial days of online shopping customers felt very much insecured while transacting money to an unknown vendor who might be staying in different city or even in a different country. The trust which was there with real physical brick and mortar shop and its owner was missing and this hamperd exponential growth of online webstores until PayPal arrived and the rest is history...!!! PayPal came up with unique solution to this problem, it allowed both cus

1Bitcoin@400000 Rs..!!

China decleared ICO's to be illegal, South Korea went for the same and Bitcoin price lost 40% of its valuation within a week. What happened now is that it has not only regained his lost wealth but also surpassed it? Well its not happend but about to happen and the phenomenon is called as HARD FORK. So what is hard fork?? As we all know that Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency which is based on a technology called Blockchain.So when Bitcoin start broadcasting its block in another chain because of protocall upgrade,  it will be said as Bitcoin has undergone Hardfork. With Hardfork there will be new Cryptocurrency coming to life known as Bitcoin Gold. Now this will be answring the question that How Bit

Kaun banega Crorepati??

Fastest fingers first challenge can make you crorepati, we all know that but what we do not know is that it can make you millionaire even if you are not sitting in hot seat with Mr. Amitabh bachhan. Ever heard of the term ICO?? I am sure not many have heard about it, some might even get it confused with the term IPO as I am discussing money over here but its not the same its entirely different thing. Its phenomenon which will become as common as IPO now and we will start discussing about that as well in near future. Well ICO is new buzz word in Fintech world where world of finance is entirely dependent on technology based innovation platform. ICO's are the new crowdfunding method for Blockch

Cryptocurrency "Where money is mined"

Year 2008-2009 was one of the darkest time world has seen since the year 1930.Global financial powerhouse was struggling with subprime mortgage crisis which impacted the rest of the world.When people were trying to get hold of their financial situation and governments were trying save their citizens and institution of money from the impact Great Recession has caused,An unknown person or a group of people named as Satoshi nakamoto submitted his white paper called "BIT COIN".Which described about a payment system totally decentralised in nature not in control of the governments and banks and worked on mining of the currency by solving complex mathematical puzzle.Hal finny was the first person


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